MediaByCS - Our Shoots

Las Vegas, New Orleans, from the Helen Stairs Theater in Sanford to the Tampa bay Performing Arts Center, we go where your action is.

We pioneered and developed a multi-camera live event video production system that results is that big televised production look and feel for organizations with a smaller budget.

Single Camera solutions always look like a home movie - pass them by

Crew solutions have become impracticable because of the cost. Three for four cameras (with a crew or individual cameraman are set up. Each has it’s own area to concentrate on. Usually only one goes for the money (close up) shots. Sound may be recorded on a separate master track.

Our Solution is More Cameras and Less Crew.  We use up to eight 4K cameras to cover the event in height, width, and depth. One camera is designated mobile and for close ups. The cameras have excellent stereo sound  recording capabilities plus we can also use additional sound only recorders to augment the project. Our solution has been perfected and  won many independent film awards.