MediaByCS - Our Equipment

2 Sony FDR AX53 4K Camcorders with accessories

2 Sony FDR AX33 4K Camcorders with accessories

4 Gopro Hero5 Black 4K Action Camcorders with accessories

2 Olympus Stereo Sound Recorders with external Sony stereo microphones.

Whils traveling our equipment our cameras are group packed as one AX53, two AX33, and one Hero5 Black, one Olympus Recorder (all with accessories). Having an A and B set up works well for split smultaneous locations as well as the possibility for lost or damaged luggage.

On site a quad core laptop with enough video and sound editing software keeps the flow going while we are capable of generating royaly free music for your project using smartsound technology.

Our proprietary jib set up ( 12’ - can be extended to 16’ ) which is rarely used because of the transportation costs outside of the local area because of it's size and weight.

We are also experimenting with the GoPro Karma Quadracopter Drone in case it becomes commercially feasable.

Included are the usual run of the mill tripods, proprietary brackets and such, external stereo microphones and adapters.