Multimedia in the early 90s was in its infancy. It didn’t take much to keep the public coming back. The public’s taste however took a turn for the better and they expected more than just sound bytes and poor footage. They demanded pruduction quality video and audio. We jumped in to support it with the proper editing tools and were able to keep customer and client interest going. The quality was and still is outstanding. We decided to offer our services to videographers, however we soon found out that they would rather butcher it themselves than have someone competent do the editing and discography. So we added cinematography to our skill set.  MediaByCS (MediaByCS.Com) became the home to Compucat Software’s full service multimedia services. From Inception to Telecast\Delivery we do it all. Aside from 18 Independent Film Awards, we also provided footage to DateLine NBC€¯, CBS Paramount - Dr. Phil€¯, ABC News - Good Morning America€¯, and VH1€¯ for our commercial clients. Our features and commercials have also been televised regionally. In 2017 we added 4K video to our already popular high definition video capabilities.

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